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SCAM ALERT: Crypto Scam Uncovered - Seeking Collaborative Investigation

We are issuing an urgent alert to inform and collaborate with our fellow investigators regarding a cryptocurrency scam that has recently come to our attention. Your expertise and insights are invaluable in our collective efforts to combat these fraudulent activities and bring those responsible to justice.

Scam Details:


    • Registered in Iceland.

    • Website Registered on June 17, 2023.

    • Domain registered at Namecheap.


OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence): We are actively seeking additional information on these scams. If anyone in our network has any insights, data, or leads related to these fraudulent operations, we urge you to come forward and share your findings. Together, we can compile a comprehensive profile of these scams and their operators.

Collaborative Efforts: Our primary objective is to gather crucial details that will aid in the investigation and eventual apprehension of the scammers behind these operations. This includes account information, transaction records, and any associated online content. If you have relevant information or expertise to contribute, please reach out to us.

Legal Action: We are also exploring legal avenues to hold these scammers accountable. If you have experience in pursuing legal action against cryptocurrency scams or can provide guidance in this regard, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Protecting the Community: By working together, we can protect the cryptocurrency community from falling victim to these fraudulent schemes. Our collective efforts will not only help victims recover their assets but also serve as a deterrent to future scams.

Contact Information: If you have any information or would like to collaborate on this investigation, please contact

In the fight against cryptocurrency scams, our network's strength lies in collaboration and shared knowledge. We will edit this post accordingly as we learn more.

By working together, we can make a significant impact in the battle against fraudsters and ensure the safety and security of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Stay vigilant, and let's work together to uncover the truth behind these scams.

ComplyChain Solutions

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