Why Choose ComplyChain Solutions?

"Knowledge is knowing tomatoes are fruits, Wisdom is knowing NOT to put it into a fruit salad" - Unknown. 


Our team is truly diverse, each consultant bringing in a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition to having a firm understanding of global compliance fundamentals, our consultants have a proven track record to get the job done. Our consultants have worked on many projects with global entities, including Deloitte, HSBC, CIBC and more. 

Adnan Tahir, CBP, CCI
Managing Director

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Adnan graduated from West Humber Collegiate Institute in the late 2000s. He holds a Business Administration diploma from George Brown College. Adnan began his career in the compliance industry at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) in the Fraud Response Centre. Since then, Adnan has gone on to make great strides within the global Anti-Money Laundering community. Conducting investigations from start to finish, crafting SAR/STR narratives, communicating with law enforcement and more. Recently, he has been helping to set the standards for the next generation of compliance within FinTech. Adnan is an avid reader, traveler and published author. 

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Ryan is a Senior Consultant with ComplyChain Solutions. With over 10 years of trading experience, his specialization is trading conduct compliance. He holds a BBA from the University of Guelph in Business Admin with a specialization in FInance along with a diploma from Humber College. In addition, he has post-licensing certifications such as the Canadian Securities Courses (CSC), Canadian Practices Handbook (CPH), and Derivatives and Options Licensing (DFOL). Ryan is currently a registered trader with the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as well as the Montreal Options Exchange. 

Ryan Yanch, CSC
Senior Consultant

James is a seasoned AML professional with over two decades of financial industry experience, specialized in compliance program management.  With a depth of knowledge covering regulated entities of all kinds, he is able to bring proven leadership to bear in service of his clients, while offering a depth of insight garnered from a deep understanding of legislation and industry best practices. Based in Toronto, he serves several Canadian and global clients as a senior compliance architect and advisor.

James Mackenzie, 
Senior Consultant